Airstreak 500 GP – Brod na daljinski


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Kyosho GP AIRSTREAK 500 – Brod na daljinski

Kyosho GP AIRSTREAK 500 – Brod na daljinski

Spectacular GP racing boat performance in a Readyset ! Includes special parts that produce speeds of 50Km/h ! Take on major competition !


The  condenses incredible power and performance into a conveniently sized Readyset. Fully factory assembled, all that is required is fuel and batteries to send a rooster tail trailing in your wake. KYOSHO’s unique forward swept step changes its contact position with the water as it glides through banking turns with stability and powers unimpeded over the surface of the water at high speeds.

Feature-packed with a wide range of optional performance upgrade parts that lift maximum speed from 35km/h to about 45km/h, this Readyset challenges new levels of performance. In addition to this, the flip-up rudder maintains the integrity of the drive system for peace of mind in case the hull comes into contact with any floating objects. The powerful performance unique to GP racing boats can be experienced to its fullest with the GP AIRSTREAK 500.

Readyset Content:

  • Pre-colored factory assembled hull
  • KT-3DX 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system
  • Fitted with GXR15MR engine
  • Styrene boat stand
  • D Cell Type Glow Igniter

Required for Operation:

  • AA-sized Alkaline batteries x 12 for R/C system,
  • Fuel
  • 2 D Cells Batteries for Glow Igniter

Technical Data:

  • Length 650mm
  • Width 180mm
  • Height 175mm
  • Weight 1,300g (approx.)
  • Engine Water-cooled GXR15MR
  • R/C System KT-3DX 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system
Težina 5.5 kg


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